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There was a moment in my kitchen this Friday morning that was worth taking a picture with my cell phone. The problem was that it was my cell phone that I actually wanted to take a photo of…

See, that Friday Breakfast,  spells the start of them 4 magical hours on a Friday morning (the Israeli weekend is Fri-Sat ) when the kids are off at school (from 8am-12pm) and I am free to start the weekend at leisure. It can be riding the bike, catching up on friends and fellow entrepreneurs, or if I’m less fortunate, I can be gunned down by my wife, and sent “”on any route that I so choose”‘ to do the weekly grocery shopping 😦

This time it was a solitary breakfast, accompanied by my new found love- my cell phone and what’s in it.

Since they upgraded my cell phone at the office all the way to 3G, I’ve been blessed with a Nokia that can also play music aside from letting everyone at work get hold of me- anytime! And with that, plus some help from my cousin to access an online podcasting site (Claire, you’re the best!!) I am downloading podcasts as if there is no tomorrow.

So here I am, sliced bread and a tomatoe, and instead of listening to any old trash on the radio, I set my cell phone on the handle of the toaster oven, and listen in to the latest news and interviews from around the world.

Awesome !!!

PS- You should see the setup I have for when I get do the dishes…

Question: Where have you adopted technology into your life at the most bizarre of ways? Let us know.

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