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Too much water has been wasted in my showers lately, about figuring out a name for my blog.

And to make matters worse, I was thinking of naming it “Hedgehog in the Holyland”. In reference to that fascinating book by Jim Collins (“Good to Great“) which talks about the Hedgehog Concept. Briefly described, greatness in life (both personal as well as in business) is achieved by focusing in remaining inside the space defined by the following three overlapping circles:

  • Do what you’re good  at
  • Do what you’re passionate about
  • Do what can earn you a living
The Hedgehog concept: remaining inside the 3 circles

The sweet spot: Remaining inside the 3 circles

With that in mind, Riding Shotgun defines exactly that space for me,  as I work alongside the most amazing group of people, helping them break new frontiers inside one of Israel’s most exciting solar start-ups.

And by occupying that seat, I have been privilledged to meet the folks that make up the Israeli cleantech space. Be it the entreprenuers, investors, academics, government officials and different service providers [lawyers and other creatures 😉  ] that make up this ever growing eco-system.

So this blog, that will cover some of their stories, and my travel tales amongst them, seeking to transition us all- from Good to Great.

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