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On the 11th floor at the 11th hour

While you might know what’s an Elevator Pitch, but how many of you actually gave one… inside an elevator?

Well yesterday, during WATEC (Israel’s international water expo) I was running around like a headless chicken, from one meeting to the next, trying to get as much traction for our company as we try raise some more capital. That was during the day at the show. By night time, it was one mad juggling act, jumping from one cocktail dinner to the next, between the many international trade delegations that were hosting networking events at their Ambassador’s houses.

So there I was trying to take in as much Indian food (and business cards) at the cocktail dinner, and then dashing across town, for dessert with the UK delegation (both scheduled at the same time). With too much good Indian food going around the room, I switched a little too late over to the Raj and arrived on the 11th floor of the building, just as the event was over  😦

As they all exited the room, heading to the elevator I met David who was also there looking to network. “A little late aren’t you?” he noted, heading to the elevators along with the crowd. All disappointed at missing the lot, I piled into the elevator with everyone else as the doors began closing. Once we started going down, I felt my Eureka momement come by- and decided to do it!

“Good evening everyone, my name is Yuval and I”m now gonna give you my elevator pitch.
I”m the CEO of a water startup. We’ve just made early sales here in Israel and are looking to raise $2M from a UK investor in order to get into that market. Anyone interested?”

That’s it, we reached the ground floor and the doors opened. And before you know it, I was exchanging business cards with a few suits from the Empire.

Walking across to David, I asked him how was his evening. ” Bummer” he said, “I only got two cards.”

Well then, I got three  🙂

PS- If you liked my story, check out the funniest elevator clip ever happening as well on the Aleventh floor.

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