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It is raining again :-)

They were talking about it all week long on the weather report. About the slight chance of rains that will come in and mark the end of summer. Nothing major, just some scattered showers that will pass through town.

And it was nothing much to talk about- but it was a moment to remember!

Chances are that back in your home town, you don’t make much of a rainy day in your blog postings. But timing is everything and this hot summer could sure use a washdown.

Just like returning home after a bad day at work, this summer left its mark on most Israelis, wishing at the end of it to just be able put it all behind us and wash it down with a nice cold shower. Scrubbing down all them experiences that piled up under our skins in this ugly August, be it global politics, national demonstrations, border terror attacks and the Sum of all Fears- having the kids around the house all summer long.
There came a time, when you just wanted it all to end and and wash the stains away.

So last Saturday morning, the skies got grey and the wind started to pick up. There is that rush around the house to close off all the windows and bring in the washing. And sure enough within a short while the clouds burst and rains came pouring down.

The warm, refreshing burst reminded me of other downpours in my past that caught me wet to the bones. The rains  while marching through the New Zealand highlands, or patrolling along the Syrian border. Doing some last minute shopping through a Bangkok monsoon or riding a ferry in Alaska. The night I took the bus into town during a major downpour, in order to breakup from my girlfriend, ending up proposing to her a few weeks later.
This time though it was with the kids, and sure enough, within 5 minutes the little devil was out with me on the street, taking it all in- from the ground up.

Down in the gutters- my son enjoying the first rains

There is something very basic about working at a water start up, that connects you to innovators that try make a living (and a change) from the very essence of life on this planet. You cannot say the same for the folks that write up new iPhone apps. Although I wouldn’t mind swimming in what some of them are swimming in…

Water has its many meanings and connotations, and the lack of it is even more meaningful. And as Assaf from Kinrot always points out that you cannot dismiss it, saying plainly that “it’s just water “. There is far more to it.
But on this Saturday morning it was all about getting out & wet with my son, and getting Mom all pissed off that he was out there with his brand new white pants

Shana Tova  🙂

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